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The next show is the Fall Show in Port Orchard, Wa. Saturday, September 23, 2017. Click here for more details.


Open to the public!

The purpose of our shows and events are to increase interest in rats as pets and to bring together breeders and fanciers in the Pacific Northwest.

Please feel free to tour the site and join us on Facebook.

SDA Caution Alert in the N.W.

SDA is a highly contagious airborne virus that is easily spread. It can be carried on clothing, nasal passages, bags of bedding, food, etc for up to three hours. This means you can carry the virus home to your rats just by visiting anyone with rats that have the active virus or going to a pet store with sick rats (even if you do not touch the rats). The best way to avoid bringing this home to your rats is through planning.

If you are acquiring a new rat ask the breeder if there has been any prior sickness you should be aware of. Regardless, quarantine your rats in a separate air space from any other rats (be careful of vent systems in your home - see general quarantine procedures below as this will apply). If you have no rats at home and bring home an apparently healthy rat you should be fine. However, the rat should be not removed from your home or introduced to any other rats for a minimum of three weeks. This will help stop the spread of most viruses.

For more information regarding SDA visit the Rat Health Guide

Quarantine Procedures for Sick Rats

General Quarantine Procedures for Shows


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