The Show Director shall:
a. Follow the duties prescribed by The Articles and Bylaws of RatsPacNW
b. Promote the show
b. Secure show facilities
d. Secure judges, show clerks and secretary and any other necessary helpers.
e. Be responsible for all supplies, ribbons/award, etc for the show.
f. Contact the club’s Counselor if questions arise
g. Contact the club’s Treasurer to either secure funding, submit receipts for reimbursement, and submit a final report.

TIPS for hosting a show by LeAnn

Show Rules:

1.  The rat show will be open to members and non-members.  ALL entries, including table reservations for rat sales by RatsPacNW members MUST be postmarked or entered online no later than the specified date.

2.  All rats must be pre-registered three weeks in advance. This means, pre-register any rat you MAY wish to bring for show or sale.

3.  Ages (month and year of birth) will be required on entry form.

4.  The kitten class will be for ages 8 weeks to 14 weeks.

5.  A three Week Quarantine begins at registration.

6.  All rats will go through health check.  None will be admitted if it is felt they may carry ANYTHING detrimental to the others - Including problems with mites, lice, skin, eyes, ears, respiratory, etc.  Please DO NOT bring sick or contagious animals, there will be no safe place for them.

7.  Rats may only be entered into one standards class, unlimited pet classes.

8.  Both neutered and spayed rats are allowed to be shown.

9.  Rats must be shown in their natural condition – no dyeing, plucking, trimming or other ways that may deceive the judges.  Washing, trimming nails, and normal grooming are accepted.

10. Rat Sales, Trades, Drop-off, etc, may only be conducted by paid members of RatsPacNW.
Rats being sold must be at least six weeks of age.  Minimum charge at all shows per rat is $15 or $25 for a pair.

11. Exhibitors may not interfere with judges nor may they make themselves known to the judge.

12. Owners or their representative may not remain at the judges table.

13. Judges will quietly step down or not accept judging a class in which they have a rat bred by or shown by them on the table.

14. Exhibitors will provide their own show boxes and bedding.

15. Judges have sole discretion on choosing the most appropriate rat for each Best of Variety based on what they feel is the best of the variety being represented regardless of overall end scores.  i.e. a rat with a score of 95% may win over a rat scoring 96% IF the rat with the higher score has white feet in a self class and the lower scoring rat is a perfect self but docked for a lesser fault.

Vendors wither they be selling or demonstrating, shall be there by invitation or prior authorization from the Show Director.  Unauthorized sellers will be asked to leave. This is in consideration to those that have paid a vendor fee or have otherwise committed in advance to be supportive of our show.  Rat related products sold by members of RatsPacNW should take precedence over non-members.  Only RatsPacNW members in good standing may sell or place rats at shows.

Unregistered Show Rats: Transporting Rats for Trading & Exchange Outside the show building
RatsPacNW may allow the transporting and trading of rats belonging to a RatsPacNW member registered for that show - IF those rats have been through a three week quarantine and all rats/rodents traveling with or exposed too prior to the show have been quarantined for a minimum of three weeks with no noted health problems.  All persons with approval to transport to the show area with the purpose to trade / exchange rats outside the building (parking lot, etc) agree to allow inspection of any animals in their possession.  Those approved will be given a Vehicle Pass to place on their dash. 

It is recommended, if you trade, exchange or purchase rats from a vehicle or outside the show building that you verify the person has approval for such trading.  If no Vehicle Pass is present please contact the show personnel.


Rat Standards Committee:
1. The Standards Chairperson shall be appointed from the general membership by the President and be approved by the Board of Directors to serve as head of this Committee. 

2. The chairperson will select four qualified members in good standing to serve on this committee.  The reign of this committee shall be one year.

3. The duties of this committee shall be:
a. To suggest when necessary changes to the current RatsPacNW rat standards.
b. View proposed standards on new varieties, markings and colors.
These new standards may be proposed for unstandardized varieties, markings and colors.
c. Upon reviewing and if determined that the proposed is a new variety, marking or color they shall present the suggested standard to the executive board prior to it brought forward to the membership for vote.

Proposing a new rat standard for a new variety, marking or color:
a. Must be shown at a RatsPacNW show along with the proposed written standards.
b. Must be proven to be easily reproducible and with consistency.  This can be accomplished by use of documents kept by breeders, photos, etc. 
c. Proposal presented to the Rat Standards Committee to be reviewed.

Amendments and Alterations To These Policies & Rules

The membership may amend or repeal these Rules and Regulations.  The President shall present the proposal to the membership present at the general membership meeting and open the floor to discussion.  Any amendment shall become effective upon passage.