RatsPacNW Rat Fanciers Club


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Open to the public!  
The purpose of our shows and events are to increase interest in rats as pets
and to bring together breeders and fanciers in the Pacific NW. 

RatsPacNW is a club open to fanciers and breeders of rats.  Most of our members are located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia however membership is not limited to these areas.

Sponsored rat shows and events are held in various regions. 
Members are encouraged to participate by volunteering or hosting events (shows, rat chats, get-together's). 

Regarding our shows:
ALL entries, including table reservations for rat sales MUST be postmarked or entered online no later than the specified date.
All rats must be pre-registered three weeks in advance. This means: pre-register any rat you MAY wish to bring for show or sale. No entry fees will be due at that time and cancellations may be made, absolutely no additions may be made after . This is to protect all of our rats  that have been in quarantine* this will include those for sale too (litters must be pre-registered on the entry form).  Ages (month and year of birth) will be required on entry form.
Please note:  the kitten class will be for ages 8 weeks to 14 weeks.  

3 Week Quarantine:  The three week period is to allow for any incubation of virus and bacteria.   If during this period, at any point,  if any rat is ill or dies of a possible contagious disease NO rats in your care may attend.   This includes ANY rats in the confines of a home as most virus' are airborne.  This is to protect any rats attending the show from contagious viral & bacterial infections.   PLEASE follow this rule to keep diseases from spreading through the rat community in the N.W.

Entry costs may vary per show.
There may be a limit imposed on the number of rats for sale (usually 25 maximum, including those pre-sold).  Also all rats
must be priced at $10 or higher.  No selling of kittens less than
6 weeks.

-please note, all rats will go through health check.  None
will be admitted if we feel they may carry ANYTHING detrimental to the others - Including problems with mites, lice, skin, eyes, ears, respiratory, etc.  Please DO NOT bring sick or contagious animals, there will be no safe place for them.

*Quarantine: will be for a full three weeks prior to show day.  This means, no new rodents into your home/rattery or taking your rats outside until show day.


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