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Ratapalooza Spring Show 2017

Pet and Conformation Show
Rat Information -Vendors - Pet Rats

Saturday, April 1, 2017
To Be Held At:

Ballard Community Center
6020 28th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Show runs 11a.m. to 4p.m.

Entries must be submitted by 3/11/2017.

Online Rat Registration

Mail In Entry


Door entry $5.00 adult, children  $3.00, under 2 free


3 weeks minimum quarantine~

Viruses can spread quickly between rats. If you suspect any rats in your care are sick with a transmittable disease do not enter them in the show! RatsPacNW wants to continue with shows in the NW and we need your help by following proper quarantine procedures.

Please see http://www.ratspacnw.org/quarantine/

For more information on quarantine procedures.


All entries and sales tables reservations must be done either online or postmarked no later that the closing date of 3/11/2017. Please enter any rats you think you may want to bring. Kittens must be 6 weeks old to enter the show hall and 8 to 14 weeks to be shown in the Kitten Class.

Important Dates

Earliest Kitten Born By Date 12/24/2016
Latest Kitten Born By Date 2/4/2017
Show Registration Deadline/Quarantine Starts 3/11/2017
Born by Date for Sale 2/18/2017


8:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m. Set-up/Check in/ Health Check (we can not guarantee check-in after 11 a.m.) We need to be out of the show hall by 5p.m.


All rats entering this show will go through a health and age check before entering the Show Hall. No exceptions. All rats will be checked for any signs of sickness or pest infestation. If any rat is found with problems deemed contagious that rat and all rats traveling with it will be asked to leave.


Payment for entries will be due at check in

Entry cost is $2.00 per class for RatsPacNW members. $3.00 per class for non-club members.


ALL entries, including table reservations for rat sales MUST be done so on-line or postmarked no later than the specified date.

All rats must be pre-registered three weeks in advance. This means, pre-register any rat you MAY wish to bring for show or sale. No entry fees will be due at that time and cancellations may be made, absolutely no additions may be made after. This is to protect all of our rats that have been in quarantine* this will include those for sale too (litters must be pre-registered on the entry form). Ages (month and year of birth) will be required on entry form.

Please note: the kitten class will be for ages 8 weeks to 14 weeks

3 Week Quarantine

The three week period is to allow for any incubation of virus and bacteria. If during this period, at any point, if any rat is ill or dies of a possible contagious disease NO rats in your care may attend. This includes ANY rats in the confines of a home as most virus' are airborne. This is to protect any rats attending the show from contagious viral & bacterial infections. PLEASE follow this rule to keep diseases from spreading through the rat community in the N.W.


Vendor 1/2 tables for members is $7.50; non member $10.00.

Selling rats

Only RatsPacNW members may sell rats. The imposed limit for selling rats will be a maximum of 25 per RatsPacNW member rattery including pre-sold rats. Rats for sale must have a birthday supplied along with pedigree showing parents. Rescue organizations will be exempt from providing pedigrees.

Rat Pricing

Actual pricing is set by the breeders and rescues however, all rats must be priced no less than $15 for one or $25 for two. No selling of kittens less than 6 weeks. (NO exceptions)

No unregistered sales or trades may occur outside the show building! This includes underage rats being sold by registered exhibitors.

Health Check

All rats will go through health check. Absolutely no rats will be admitted if we feel they may carry ANYTHING detrimental to the others - Including problems with mites, lice, skin, eyes, ears, respiratory, etc. Please DO NOT bring sick or contagious animals, there will be no safe place for them. ANY rat traveling with a sick rat will be turned away!!! This includes any rats that have carpooled with the sick rat. The owners of sick rats will be asked to remove them from the premises.

Pet Classes

  • Costume contest
  • Cutest kitten
  • Most layed back
  • Squishiest
  • Kissiest
  • Senior and Disabled
  • Longest tail

We will also have a Rat Race, Rat Crap contest, a pea eating contest and crafts for the kids.

Contact if you have a presentation, display or activity you would like to present or for show information.


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