RatsPacNW Rat Fanciers Club


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RatsPacNW Entry Form
Show Entry - One per person/rattery
Must be postmarked by 3/12/2016

(Pet Entry) Name of Rat Pet Class Breeder of Rat if known
Rats For Sale/adoption:  List ALL (Maximum of 10) List # in litter/description & date born  If not listed they may not enter. 

Please note:  All rats must be at least 6 weeks of age

Entries x $2.00 each member =

  x 3.00 non-member

I plan to sell, trade or have pre-arranged sales/adoptions of rats or rat related items- $ 7.50 member (per 1/2 table) $10.00 non-member per 1/2 table.
please note how many 1/2 tables you will need.
I understand that no rats may be sold under 6 weeks of age and that all rats will be priced at $15. or higher or $25 for two.

Payment can be made at show check in.
Please make checks payable to:  RatsPacNW

Exhibitor Information:

Name: _________________________________

Adult_______   Youth (under 18) _______





I Can Help By

Set up Health Check
Sign - In Clean up
NOTICE:  I am aware that even though all animals will be health checked, that I am showing at my own risk.  My rats have been quarantined for a minimum of three weeks.
I hereby release and hold harmless any and all persons connected with this show, grounds, or premises of any and all responsibility, liability, illness, or damage to myself, animals or equipment.  If I have children with me, I will not allow them to climb in or on equipment or vehicles.

Sign: ___________________________________

if under 18 Parent sign:


Mail or email to:  Lynn Rosskamp -

2529 12th Ave W
Seattle; WA 98119



Pet Classes:

  • Squishiest
  • Most Unusual
  • Longest Tail
  • Biggest (not fat)
  • Senior
  • Laid back
  • Prettiest / Handsomest -> Peoples choice


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