Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join RatsPacNW and how much does it cost?

$10.00 - Individual Membership; $5.00 -  Junior Membership (12 and under - no voting privileges) & $17.50 - Family Membership - 13 and older (husband/wife or Parent/child); $5 for each additional household member over 12 years of age, $2 for 12 and under (please indicate which family members are 12 or under if any)
You can join RatsPacNW by submitting a membership application the the club Secretary. 

Does RatsPacNW have a rat registry?

No, not a formal registry in which we keep track of lineages.  We only require that a rat being shown pre-register for the show via an entry form.  (three week minimum pre-registration required at all shows).

We do support the North American Rat Registry and encourage breeders to register their rats through this system.  However, this is not mandatory for showing.

How much does it cost to show a rat or to sell rats or things?

Each show organizer sets their own charge based on the cost of the event (rent, tables, ribbons, etc).  This is a charge per class entered.
Table space is available and a fee charged for selling items.  Only members of RatsPacNW may sell rats.

Can I enter my rat in more than one category?

Your rat may be entered into one standards category and any pet category.  They cannot be entered into more than one standards category (i.e.- dumbo / marked  &  hairless).   The rat should be entered into the category of the rats most prominent feature.  The way our score sheets work they will be judged on all features they exhibit so they will do better in the correct class.

What is a show box?

A show box is usually a clear plastic cage with a snap on lid.  These are sold in many pet stores and cost between $10-$20.  For adult rats we recommend the medium size.  Kittens can be shown in smalls.  There is no disqualification for other sizes.  We do not recommend wire cages be brought to the judges table.  They allow for more contact between other rats and could allow transfer of unknown/unseen diseases or parasites.

At the show, what do we do if we have a rat entered?


Pay attention to when your class will be called.  Sometimes a class may be switched, end early or go very long.  When your rats class is called have them in their show cage with their entry form or entry number placed on top.  DO NOT place identifying marks on your cage or the sheet other than what was given to you.

Once the class is finished you will be asked to collect your rat, ribbon and score sheet.  If your rat placed high you may be asked to wait until the best of variety is judged.  Rats that win best of variety will then be asked to come back for best of show.