Club Membership

Joining is easy!

Just select the application process easiest for you, fill out the application, and pay your first year’s dues. Please note that by joining, you agree to the Bylaws and Rules of RatsPacNW.

Membership Types:

  • $10.00 - Individual Membership (For members 13 and older)
  • $5.00 - Junior Membership (for members 12 and under - no voting privileges)
  • $17.50 - Family Membership – Membership for two! (Example: two Spouses or Parent/Child)
  • $5.00 - Additional Family Member (13 and older) Only applies with a family membership.
  • $2.00 - Additional Family Member (12 and younger) Only applies with a family membership.

Ways to Apply:

Rene White is our membership secretary. Email them at with questions.

Member Benefits

  • Currently members may receive reduced costs for entries.
  • Members 13 and older have the right to vote at club meetings.
  • Members in good standing and at least 18 years of age may hold an office.

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