RatStock — Hillsboro Oregon

April 4, 2020

Doors open to public from 11 AM to 4 PM

Washington County Fair Complex
Cloverleaf Building
873 NE 34th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Adults & teens: $5
Twelve and under: $3
under 3 free


All rats being shown must be registered by the March 14 deadline and pass a health check before the start of the show. Quarantine starts March 15. Click here for more info.

RatStock online entry: Click Here!

Kitten born by dates:

NOTE: Only rescues with accredited 501(c)3 status (U.S.) or a Registered Charitable Society (CDN) status may sell/adopt animals at shows.

Breeders, whom are members in good standing*, may have babies available for pre-arranged pick up only. (**Member in Good Standing as per our Bylaws: Section 7: Members in good standing shall be defined as any member who maintains current membership by paying on or in advance of their renewal date, and participates in at least two club activities per year: on-line discussions, gatherings, events or shows. )

Schedule of Events (Approximate):

Agenda for Exhibitors

8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.:

Check-in / Health check (cannot guarantee check-in after this time)

Payment for entries and tables due at this time. All rats entering will go through a health & age check before entering building regardless if showing, exhibit or for adoption. Age of all rats entering must be at least 6 weeks or they will not be admitted. Breeders, who are members in good standing, may have babies available for pre-arranged pick up only. Pedigrees with birth dates must be supplied for all rats to be picked up.

Health checkers will check for any visible signs of sickness including by not limited to: mites, lice, rough coat, wheezing, sneezing*, etc. If a rat is found with problems deemed contagious, the entire cage will be asked not to enter...including cage-mates.

Please see our rules and policies page for full details: http://ratspacnw.org/about_us/rules.html
* in the case of a dry sneeze, the rat will be placed in "hold" and re-examined as we understand dust, perfume or airborne items can irritate.

11:00 a.m.:

Doors open for admittance (free to exhibitors)

11:00 a.m.:

Rat Show (two - three tables of judging at once) Will be judged by Solids & Marked varieties broken down by sections.

4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Show ending,depending on number of rats to be shown.















Notes for Exhibitors

ALL entries, including table reservations for vendors MUST be done so on-line or postmarked no later than the specified date.

All rats must be pre-registered three weeks in advance. This means, pre-register any rat you MAY wish to bring for show or sale. No entry fees will be due at that time and cancellations may be made, absolutely no additions may be made after. This is to protect all of our rats that have been in quarantine* this will include those for pickup or adoption too (litters must be pre-registered on the entry form). Ages (month and year of birth) will be required on entry form.

Please note: the kitten class will be for ages 8 weeks to 14 weeks

* 3 Week Quarantine

The three week period is to allow for any incubation of virus and bacteria. If during this period, at any point, if any rat is ill or dies of a possible contagious disease NO rats in your care may attend. This includes ANY rats in the confines of a home as most virus' are airborne. This is to protect any rats attending the show from contagious viral & bacterial infections. PLEASE follow this rule to keep diseases from spreading through the rat community in the N.W.

Click here to find out how to Quarantine

Entry cost is $3.00 per class entered for members; $3.50 for non-members;  Membership fees/dues may be paid at entry.
Entry limits may be imposed per rattery/entry:  Please bring only your best rats for the standards classes.  Register all you are considering so they qualify to come but please, actually bring only your best to be shown.  Our numbers have been very high in the past.  125+ rats to be judged makes for a long day.


Reserving vendor table space (for selling items or rats) is $10 members; $12.50non-members per 1/2 table (approx. 3').  You do not need to reserve table space if you are only showing, table space will available.

Selling rats

Only Accredited Rescue Groups who are members of RatsPacNW may sell rats. Rescue organizations will be exempt from providing pedigrees.  Breeders may have prearranged pick ups – however, please see our rules page for precise rules: http://ratspacnw.org/about_us/rules.html
No unregistered sales or trades may occur outside the show building! This includes underage rats being sold by registered exhibitors.


Health Check

All rats will go through health check. Absolutely no rats will be admitted if we feel they may carry ANYTHING detrimental to the others - Including problems with mites, lice, skin, eyes, ears, respiratory, etc. Please DO NOT bring sick or contagious animals, there will be no safe place for them. ANY rat traveling with a sick rat will be turned away!!! This includes any rats that have carpooled with the sick rat. The owners of sick rats will be asked to remove them from the premises.

*Quarantine will be for a full three weeks prior to show day.
This means, no new rodents into your home/rattery or or exposing your rats to other rodents until show day.


Volunteers Needed:

Check-in & health check