RatsPacNW Rat Fanciers Club


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Rat Standards

RatsPacNW will judge rats in two separate categories.
Each will be given their own Best of Show & Reserve of Show.

Solid & Shaded

Solid colors plus Siamese, Himalayan, Burmese, Black Eyed Himalayan & Merles without markings



Standard; Satin; Rex/Velveteen; Double Rex/Double Velveteen; Hairless; Dumbo; Tailless; Harley; Dwarf


Self hair shaft - Ticked hair shaft - Silvered

Colors standards & pictures can be found here


Not listed above Accepted marks for show:   Van; Marked Burmese

Temporary standards must be presented for unstandardized rats to be shown

The following cannot be shown:

  • Any rat that falls into one of the regular marked categories but is considered a mis-mark. ie: broken hood, patched, buttoned or zippered Am. Irish, split caps, cap-stripe, etc.
  • Colors not listed above, with proven genetics that could be produced again. Will be standardized upon recognition.

Fun Classes

Progeny & Get of Sire;  Best Matched Pair; Pet classes.


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