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Agouti Colors

Standardized colors

Agouti  -  A-
  Deep to light chestnut, undercoat will be darker deep slate, black to dark guard hairs.  Belly a silver gray.  Eyes black.
Amber  -  A- pp
   An light orange/fawn color with pink eyes
Blue Agouti  -  A- gg
Medium to light slate blue with with a tan tip hair shaft, guard hairs will be dark.  Eyes black

shown is mink based platinum
Blue Fawn - A/ gg rr
   This coloring is similar to a blue agouti but with ruby eyes.  The color intensity is lighter.

Platinum Agouti  -  A/ gg mm
  This coloring is a pale platinum with ruby to pale eyes, ticking should be seen and have a slight tan/orange cast.

 Agouti type that is interspersed heavily with silver/gray and black hairs, eyes black, belly silver.
Fading due to Essex or other causes the undercoat to fade.
Cinnamon Pearl  -  A- mm Pepe
Pale fawn color with a cream undercoat and blue center on hair shaft.  Silver guard hairs and eyes black.

innamon -  A- mm
Agouti version of mink.  A warm, deep red-brown color with deep slate undercoat.  Eyes black.
Fawn  -  A/ rr
A deep orange color, may be paler gray at base.  Eye color ruby.
aka - Topaz
Havana Agouti - A/ mm Rr
A lighter version of cinnamon.  Has dark ruby eyes.

No picture yet

Classic Lynx  - 
A- bb dd
 Chocolate & Russian blue recessives on an agouti base. Black eyes.  

American Lynx - a white spotting based fawn color
Gray-tan ticked.  Gray/slate base with tan/orange ticking.  Will have ruby or lighter eyes.
Russian Blue Agouti - A- dd
Dark gray with orange/tan ticking, may have dark guard hairs.  Eyes black

Photos courtesy of www.rodentfancy.com;  Rattie Rascals;