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Non-Agouti Colors

Standardized Colors 

Beige  -  aa rr
  Tan, cream to buff color with ruby eyes

Black  -  aa
  black to the skin, black eyes.  Should not exhibit rusting or brown spots.

Blue (slate blue)  -  aa gg
   a slate blue color even to skin, black eyes

Blue smoke (not standard)- aa gg ss
   a slate blue color with white undercoat.  Black eyes

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Blue Beige  -  aa dd rr
   a Russian blue beige, beige/tan with a blue-gr
ay tint, black eyes


Champagne  -  aa pp
   a pale creamy - beige color with pink eyes
Chocolate  -  aa bb
   a warm rich brown to skin with black eyes, may have black or dark tipped guard hairs.
Cocoa  -  aa bb Rr 
   a soft warm cocoa color, black to dark ruby eyes
Dove - aa dd mm
    Russian blue and mink combined.

Lilac - aa mm li
   Dusty gray brown, eyes black

Mink  -  aa mm
  A cool, deep, brown color with a blue/gray tint, black eyes.

Platinum  -  aa gg rr  OR aa gg mm
   a blue beige color
created  from blue & ruby eyes OR blue and mink.  Eye color ruby to pink and sometimes black.

picture shows two shades of mink platinum, one with diluted ruby eyes and the other with dark eyes.

Havana - aa mm Rr
  mink diluted with a ruby eye gene.  A lighter warm brown color, ruby eyes.

Russian Blue  -  aa dd
   a deep dark dusty blue, may have dark ticking, black eyes.


Russian Silver (Double Blue) - aa dd gg
   both Russian & American blue

In picture:  L to R - Slate blue; Russian Silver; Russian Blue

Silver  -  aa gg pp
  genetically a pink eye blue.  May appear off-white or have a bluish tint.
Sky Blue  -  aa gg
   a pale blue, lighter than slate but darker than powder blue, black eyes

Powder Blue - aa gg w/ modifier
   a very pale blue, black to ruby eyes.

Black Eye White - extreme over spotting
   all white with no spotting, black eyes
Pink Eye White  -   albino = cc or multiple recessives causing dilution
   all white, no spotting, pink eyes

pearl rex

Pearl  -  aa mm Pepe
silvery cream color to pale gray.  Hairs tipped with cream or gray, gray guard hairs, black eyes

Photos courtesy of  Rattie Rascals; Spiralrat Rattery