Rat Standards

RatsPacNW will judge rats in two separate categories.
Each will be given their own Best of Show & Reserve of Show. The two catagories are:

Within these two categories are the Varieties — Standard; Satin; Rex/Velveteen; Double Rex/Double Velveteen; Hairless; Dumbo; Tailless; Harley; Dwarf

Rat Colors — Color standards & pictures can be found here.

Each individual rat will be judged according to it's category. Click here to see a sample scoresheet.

Fun Classes — In addition to the Standards show, there are pet classes that are always an audience favorite.

Best Matched Pair - Opposite or same sex pair that most match in color, mark and variety.

Squishiest - rat is squishy and soft, these rats make good accordions.
Most Unusual - unusual marking or quality making that rat stand out from the crowd.
Longest Tail
Biggest (not fat) - BIG rats
Senior - Getting up there in age and still going strong and looking good.
Laid back - Couch potato rat.
Prettiest and Handsomest - Peoples choice, everyone can vote. 
Costume contest
Others depending on the individual Show Directors