Rat Standards

Unstandardized Markings


this rat would be faulted for extended spotting along back



Van:  H(ro)/h(?) Any accepted color.  Head markings to be capped or bareback with blazing or head spot permitted.  Split cap is the preferred marking.  Patch of color at base of tail, not to extend past the last quarter of the length of the rat.  Tail may be mottled with color.


Fault:  Spotting along back, sides or belly.

Temporary standards must be presented for any new unstandardized to be shown.
The following cannot be shown:  Any rat that falls into one of the regular marked categories but is considered a mis-mark.  ie: broken hood, buttoned or zippered Am. Irish, split caps, Veri-berk, patched/broken.

Unstandard Colors:  not listed above, with proven genetics that could be produced again.
  Color will be standardized upon recognition and submission of written standards.

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